About Small Groups

At PHBC, we want to be a church of small groups, not a church with small groups.
It is more than a ministry, it is the primary vehicle for making mature disciples. It is our goal that everyone attend a small group.

  • Intimacy and Community – Humanity has been created with a need to connect with others – to know others, and be known by others. We need to share our struggles, suffering, blessings, and dreams with others. This level of sharing occurs when trust and intimacy exists within a group. Small groups help us get beyond small talk in the foyer of the church, and into deeper, meaningful relationships that lead us into maturity in Christ.

    Discipleship – Discipleship was intended to be accomplished through relationships, mentoring, and life-on-life application. Jesus mentored the Apostles through a small group in which the disciples learned from each other, and built each other up in the faith.

    Application – Maturing in Christ involves much more than gaining knowledge. You can take every class known to man and still not mature if you never apply what you have learned. A primary purpose of our small group model is to help people apply scriptures to life. The truths of the Bible do not change, but the application can sometimes change with culture. Movies, social media, and soccer clubs did not exist in the first century. We need to help each other figure out how to apply the Bible to our daily lives in our changing culture.


  • Small groups are comprised of around 6-12 people that meet regularly in a home. There is usually a time of snacks, fellowship, and sharing, a Bible study, a time for application, and prayer. Our small group model is designed to help new people be comfortable with the process. During the Bible study, the group works through the specific passage to discover the truth it contains, and then helps each other figure specific ways to apply it to daily life. No prior knowledge of the Bible is required for someone to fully participate in the process.

Interested in joining a small group? See our small group meeting times here.